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Singapore is frequently referred to as marketing's Silicon Valley. It has a strong infrastructure, ecosystem, government support, and it is easy to do business.

Asia appears to be the best place to invest in growth, as major brands are shifting their focus to the world's growing regions. Consequently, Singapore has emerged as the global marketing capital of the region.

If you are excited about starting a business or incorporating your brand in Singapore, we can confidently say that you are doing the right thing given the numerous opportunities it offers.

Select the right company

structure for your business .

  • A branch office is a legal entity after registration.
  • It is an extension of its parent company.
  • The parent company is responsible for all the debts and liabilities incurred by its branch office.
  • The branch office must hire at least one ordinarily resident Singaporean.
  • t can have 1-50 shareholders (owners).
  • Required 1 local director resident of Singapore.
  • Required 1 local secretary resident of Singapore.
  • A private limited company has a separate legal identity from its owners.
  • A capital of at least SG$1.
  • Unrestricted in activities.
  • Corporate tax 17%.
  • It conducts feasibility studies.
  • A representative office does not have a legal identity separate from its foreign parent company.
  • It must also appoint not more than 5 employees.
  • It cannot indulge in any profit-making activities.
  • The parent company > 3 years
  • Sales turnover ≥ 250k USD
Features of opening
company in Singapore :
  • Reduce taxes
The corporate tax rate on a company net profit in Singapore is 17%, but if new company meets the qualifying criteria it can get the tax exemption for the first three years of operation:
  • 75% of the first SG$ 100,000 of normal chargeable income
  • 50% of the next SG$ 100,000 of normal chargeable income
Goods & services tax: A person with taxable turnover exceeding SGD 1m in a calendar year or expected to exceed SGD 1m in the next 12 months must register for GST.
Foreign income tax: Foreign income derived by resident companies will be taxed, unless the income has been already subject to taxes in foreign jurisdiction with a tax rate of at least 15%.
Withholding tax:
  • Dividends - none.
  • Interest - interest paid to a nonresident generally is subject to a 15% withholding tax.
  • Royalties - royalties paid to a nonresident are subject to a 10% withholding tax, unless the rate is reduced under a tax treaty

  • Easy offshore company registration
Setting up an offshore company in Singapore is that the registration process itself is simple and straightforward. The processing time of the registration of a new offshore company in Singapore takes less than a week. The first involves choosing and approving a name for your new business, and the second involves the more administrative part of filing paperwork.

  • Political and economic stability
Singapore is considered one of the least bureaucratic and politically stable countries in Asia. The government of this Asian city-state has a reputation for being transparent, free from corruption, business-oriented and with a fair and responsible legal system.

  • 100% ownership of business
Foreigners or persons residing outside the region have the right to register an offshore company in Singapore with 100% ownership and can have corporate or individual shareholders as well. But the Incorporation requires a local company secretary, a local director , and a local legal address. If you reside outside of Singapore, we can provide you with our nominal services.

  • Modern banking services
When setting up an offshore company in Singapore, you will need to rely heavily on banking services. We can offer wide range of reputable foreign and local banks to choose from, or we can offer bank account opening service outside of Singapore. This option is not prohibited by local law.

  • Strong and Stable Singapore Dollar
Trading ability is important for any business owner, and that's what makes a strong and stable Singapore dollar so attractive. It is one of the strongest currencies in Asia and one of the 15 most traded currencies in the world. Setting up an offshore company in Singapore puts you in a better position to pursue future prospects such as investment and growth opportunities.
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You are never left behind with support of our team. If you have any question or problem, ask us anytime. Our managers will make sure you are always up to date with the process and get all the answers you need for running your business.
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Operating a company abroad can be not easy and comes with a host of non-productive tasks. Our solutions and professional team support will take care of all worries that you can focus on overall development of business strategy.
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