Company liquidation

Entrust company liquidation to our specialists .

If you made a decision to stop business, it is necessary to go through the formal procedure of closing down your firm. We can help you choose an acceptable method of company dissolution, such as de-registration or voluntary winding-up and other.
Two ways we can
liquidate your company :
Deregistration .

Cancellation of registration is a relatively simple way to liquidate a company, the appointment of a liquidator is not required.

Criteria :
  • The Company did not start its activity, did not function and did not conduct business activities during the three months immediately preceding the filing of the application for de-registration
  • The company has no outstanding obligations (i.e. taxes, government fees and accounts payable to creditors).
  • The Company is not a party to any legal proceedings

Time frame :
Starting from the date of approval by shareholders, it usually takes 4-6 months to complete the de-registration.

Voluntary Liquidation .

Voluntary Liquidation is a more complex process and involves the appointment of a liquidator. All assets of the company will be sold (sold and converted into cash) as part of the legal process to repay its debts.

Criteria :
  • The Shareholders' Meeting must adopt a special decision by a majority vote (at least 75%) in favor of liquidation
  • The company's ability to repay its debts in full within 12 months from the start of liquidation
  • Shareholders appoint a liquidator to control and manage the entire liquidation procedure

Time frame :
Starting from the date of approval by shareholders, the entire liquidation process usually lasts at least 9-12 months.

Keeping records :
The directors of the company immediately before liquidation are required to keep the company's books and documents for at least five years after liquidation.

The dormant company .

There is also have another way, if you do not plan to close company yet and the company does not generate revenue, we can help you save money by applying for dormant status. A dormant company is still registered but requires little upkeep. You can always decide to restart it or completely dissolve it in the future.
Not sure which liquidation method is right for you?

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Ways we can help :
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