Market entry
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We help companies identify new business opportunities, plan market entry and make the necessary operational decisions.
Going beyond the existing business market is not an easy task. Deciding which area, sector and geography to expand into and then how this expansion should take place is a time-consuming process, and also requires special knowledge about the local market. To make it as smooth and lossless as possible.

Shile Consulting is able to provide full support to your company at the initial stage of expansion to China, Singapore or Russia as well as at the post entry stage. Our task is to find a solution that would be “right" not only in words, but also in practice.

Our team of experienced international employees is well versed in the Chinese, Singapore and Russian business environment and regulations.

Our services for a new market entry:

Business Environment Study
Market & Competitors Analysis
Local Government
Policy Interpretation

Strategic Expansion

Sales Development Support
Marketing Support

Partner Search Services
General Search Consultancy
Client /Supplier Search
Conducting Market Analysis
Organization of Negotiations
Assistance in Export Contract Drafting

Verification of Potential Partner Business Reputation

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