Market entry
& partner search

Going beyond the existing business market is not an easy task. Deciding which area, sector and geography to expand into and then how this expansion should take place is a time-consuming process, and also requires special knowledge about the local market. To make it as smooth and lossless as possible.

Shile Consulting is able to provide full support to your company at the initial stage of expansion to Greater China as well as at the post entry stage. Our task is to find a solution that would be “right" not only in words, but also in practice.

Market entry services :

We can help you establish and incorporate China market entry, ensure regulatory compliance, help with visa and work permits and provide business advisory services for your China subsidiary.
Business Environment Study

We will learn all possible details for you business in new market and provide tailor made solutions based on specific situation.

Market & Competitors Analysis

Entering one biggest consumer market in the world is not an easy task, but our market & competitors analysis will give you right picture about challenges adn opportunities that might appear.

Local Government
Policy Interpretation

To understand China government policies might be a challenge for new companies, entrust this task to our specialists and focus on building business strategy in China.

Strategic Expansion

Get a 360-degree view of your business’s optimal structure, best practices and compliance needs from our team.

Strategic Supplier Search

Our extensive business network in China will help you to find the right product to develop your international business.

Business negotiations support

Our international team will support you during the business negotiations with China partners, so you don't have to worry about language barrier.

Planning market entry ?

Schedule a free call with our specialist and we can advise you on optimal market entry or partner search

How Shile Consulting can help for your business operations.
Tailored & flexible solutions
We can estimate your company's opportunities, explore your economic status, and provide you with services that are fully flexible and custom-made for your business. Tailored solutions that will meet your specific case and won’t include anything you don’t need.

Full professional support

You are never left behind with support of our team. If you have any question or problem, ask us anytime. Our managers will make sure you are always up to date with the process and get all the answers you need for running your business.
Worry-free service
Operating a company abroad can be not easy and comes with a host of non-productive tasks. Our solutions and professional team support will take care of all worries that you can focus on overall development of business strategy.
Information you need
to make the best business decisions .
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