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Over the past decade, the startup market in China has expanded significantly and is rapidly catching up with other major economies, becoming one of the world leaders in entrepreneurship, innovation and investment.

Whether you are considering expanding to China to reach new markets or relocating your operations for strategic reasons, our professional team will help you to go through the bureaucratic process and simplify your day to day operations.

Select the right company

structure for your business .

Suitable for foreign companies looking to enter China and start operations right away with a local partner.

  • Can hire local staff directly
  • Some industries might require a minimum 51% domestic ownership.
Suitable for international businesses that are looking to expand their operations in China through trade, services and manufacturing.

  • Can be 100% owned by foreign citizen
  • Can hire local & foreign staff directly
  • Allowed to import/export
Suitable for foreign companies that plan to conduct initial market research and/or work with local customers.

  • Must use employment agency for local staff
  • Must have a registered office
  • Limited to four foreign employees
Features of opening
WFOE in China :
  • Foreign investors have 100% control over the company (share capital).

  • Taxes:
Corporate income tax: 25% (lower rates may apply depending on the company)
Value added tax: 3% - 13% of sales revenue (export is not taxed)
Consumer tax: 1% – 45% of the profit from sales (export is not taxed)
Stamp duty: 0.005% – 0.1%

  • Since the WFOE is not required to be in partnership with a local enterprise, it provides investors with control/independence related to personnel issues and the management of the organization.

  • WFOE is allowed to carry out direct commercial activities, including trade, service and production, provided that the specified business is within the approved scope of activity.

  • WFOE can hire both foreigners and local Chinese directly, without any restrictions on the number of foreigners working (in most cities), and apply for work visas for foreign specialists.

  • All profits earned in China can be transferred to WFOE in the form of dividends directly to the company's investors.
Stages of WFOE opening :
To open a WFOE in China, you must choose an acceptable Chinese company name, collect the necessary documents, obtain a business license, register with tax authorities and various authorities, and open a corporate bank account.
  • 1
    Choosing a Chinese company name
    In China, there are strict rules for choosing an acceptable company name. Due to differences in culture and language, you should choose your company name carefully to avoid unintended associations.
  • 2
    Preparation of documentation for WFOE registration
    Along with the registration forms, you will need to provide copies of the passports of all shareholders and investors, a lease agreement, constituent documents, documents of a legal representative in China, which must be notarized and legalized.
  • 3
    Applying for the necessary business licenses
    To obtain a business license, you must apply to the local offices of the Market Regulation Administration (AMR).
  • 4
    Registration for payment of taxes
    After obtaining a business license, you need to register for the relevant taxes at the tax bureau.
  • 5
    Registration with other authorities
    You also need to register with the following authorities:

    • Office of Seals
    • State Administration for Control of Foreign Currency Exchange
    • Social Security Bureau and Housing Bureau for Chinese employees of the company
    • Customs authorities for trade business
  • 6
    Opening a corporate bank account
    Open bank accounts in foreign currency and Chinese yuan.

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