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Malaysia has one of the highest standards of living in the region and is strategically located in the center of ASEAN. The nation is an ideal regional and global base for businesses when you consider the already excellent transport links and the plans for significant investment over the coming years.

Businesses with a base in Malaysia have access to the region's 680 million people. With 33 million people, the domestic market is also sizable. It has robust consumer markets and is diverse.

Select the right company

structure for your business .

Suitable for foreign companies that wish to expand their operations in Malaysia for short term basis.

  • Trading entity
  • It is an extension of its parent company
  • Must have ‘Resident Agent
  • Non-resident tax status
  • Unlimited duration
Ideal for most local and foreign entities as it offers limited liability, it is fast to set up and supports a work visa.

  • Can be 100% owned by foreign citizen
  • Can hire local & foreign staff directly
  • Allowed to import/export
  • Unrestricted in activities
  • Subject to local compliance
  • Reputable structure
Suitable for foreign companies that plan to conduct initial market research and/or work with local customers.

  • Non-trading entity
  • Supports foreign employees
  • Limited business activities
  • Limited time-frame registration
Features of opening
company in Malaysia :
  • Malaysia strategically located Southeast Asia.
  • Very affordable start-up costs in comparison to places like Singapore
  • Corporate income tax rate 24%
  • Low rent compared to Singapore and other countries
  • No double taxation – Malaysia has more than 60 double taxation treaties with other countries.
  • Dividends paid outside the country are not taxed.
  • There are no limitations on the repatriation of profits, capital, royalties, or dividends.
  • Malaysia provides numerous incentives for start-up businesses and financial investments.
Stages of company opening in Malaysia :

It takes roughly 5 to 10 business days to incorporate a Malaysian company from start to finish. Please be aware that a number of variables, such as the timeliness and accuracy of the information provided, can affect the entire registration process.

  • 1
    Choose your ideal business structure
    Before you can register your company, you should familiarize yourself with the types of legal entities that you can create in Malaysia.
    Each of the business structures has its pros and cons. Based on our experience, the most common business structures are individual entrepreneurship and a private limited liability company.
  • 2
    Choosing a company Name
    There are specific recommendations and requirements when you choose the name for your company. Once you determine the name of your company, we will help you to check its availability.
  • 3
    Register with SSM
    The company name you have approved will be reserved within 30 days from the date of confirmation. After receiving the confirmation, we can start the registration process and prepare all the necessary documents.
  • 4
    Opening a corporate bank account
    Open bank accounts in foreign currency.
  • 5
    • Applying for business licenses (if need)
    In Malaysia, business licenses fall into 3 categories:
    • General permits issued by regional town councils
    • Licenses issued by government agencies for a particular industry or sector
    • Licenses for specific activities

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