Accounting & Tax

In its work, Shile Consulting focuses on the specifics of accounting and tax accounting in China, Singapore and Russia, and depending on where you do business, we offer solutions based on the specifics of your business

We strive to build a long-term partnership and create additional value for our clients. Technological efficiency and automation of business processes allow us to offer the best price / value services.

Our goal is to help you organize the work of accounting and tax as efficiently as possible. At your disposal are many years of experience of professional staff of Shile Consulting. We will offer competent solutions in new, non-standard and typical business situations for your company.

Accounting Services:

We help businesse to focus on development without being distracted by communication with government agencies and documentation.
  • Accounting system set up and tax registration

  • Bookkeeping and data management
  • Account receivables management

  • Financial planning

  • Support of banking operations

  • Assistance in conducting an annual audit

  • Other outsourcing services

Tax Services:

Our team will tell you about possible options related to tax obligations in international expansion, and what steps should be taken to comply with local regulations
  • Consulting on tax, currency, accounting legislation
  • Consulting support on calculation and taxes payment
  • Consulting on international taxation issues
  • Consulting on VAT taxation of services rendered in electronic form
  • Development of accounting policy for tax purposes
  • Tax registrations, invoicing requirements and tax obligations

  • Other outsourcing services
Make an enquiry to know more about how Shile Consulting can provide you Accounting and Tax support and strengthen your international business.
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